K2 – Climbing the Deadliest Cardboard Mountain


It’s been a while, but Cam and I got this game out again the other day.  This is our go-to game when we want to play something fun, challenging yet simple, and not too terribly time-consuming.  This was the first board game we played together.  Cam says he’s pretty sure that first game we played together was the first time he ever lost.

K2 is easy to learn.  The game mechanics are fairly simple.  It can be played from 1-5 players.  The goal is to use your two little men to climb up the mountain.  Each little guy, fondly known by Cam and I as Round Man and Squiggly Man, move independently from each other.  A score is kept for each man and by the end of 18 turns, or days in the game, the player with the highest combined score wins.

Movements are determined by cards.  There are movement cards and acclimatization cards.  Each have a numerical value.  As you move up the mountain, movement becomes harder and requires more points from your playing cards.  The acclimatization cards are also needed.  Each climber’s health is monitored on a card and some spaces or bad weather days on the board take away acclimatization points.  You’ll use the cards to maintain health and not die from “exposure.”

Climbing the mountain is only half the fun.  The weather plays a major factor in how you are able to move up the board.  Each turn is one day.  The days are played out on shuffled cards with that day’s weather on it.  Some days the weather is clear.  Other days a blizzard moves in.  Usually the blizzards only affect certain altitudes on the board.  Each player must be careful to move out of that area before a blizzard hit and makes movement or oxygen more difficult.

I usually gun it straight for the peak, only to die at the top without being able to get back down to safer ground.  Cam is usually slower in his ascent, utilizing his little men as a team.  Each little man has a tent that you can drop if needed to help battle the weather.  Never let it go to waste though, you only have one tent per little guy and you can only use each one once.

This is a game we both highly recommend.  If you’re up for a challenge, the game board has two sides, and the weather can be summer or winter.  With so many variations, it’s very different each time.  All Cam and I need now is the expansion – K2: Broad Peak!


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