Magic Mondays – The Beginning

Cam is thrilled to announce Magic Mondays.  What is so special about Magic Mondays?  Well, he’s going to teach me how to play Magic the Gathering.  After much resistance, I finally gave in.  Every week, I’ll have a lesson, which I will share on here.  I’ll apologize ahead of time.  I really know nothing about it.  There was a compromise.  I get to teach him about something I love to do.  The only problem is I haven’t come up with anything yet.

He’s already dreaming up a “deck” for me.  I have no idea what that means.  I have no idea what I’m getting into.  I wonder if he has been planning this since we met.  I’ll forewarn you.  The lessons will start out very basic.  After all, the only things I know about it are that it is a card game, Cam has boxes and boxes of cards, and the cards can get expensive.

I tried to do some research online ahead of time, but I always get so distracted by other things, like looking at houses.  While Cam browses cards, I browse for houses.  We officially started house shopping.  I love looking at homes.  Having been through the process before, I am a bit more reserved in my excitement than Cam.  It’s a new experience for him.  He looks at houses the same way I look at pets at the Humane Society.  “I really really want this one!”

House hunting is fun, but can be quite stressful sometimes.  I thought this would be a good distraction once we delve into all the paperwork that comes with house buying.  I’ve been through it before.  Cam has not.  I remember the disappointment of losing a beautiful house to another buyer, or waiting for what felt like an eternity for the appraisal to come through.  So, while I’ll try to guide him through that process, he’ll teach me a thing or two about another world entirely.

At some point, we’ll also do more board game reviews on this blog.  There is an April A-Z Challenge I would like to try, but I fear I wouldn’t be able to commit to 26 entries in April, even if I started now.  In participating in my own way, I’ll post board game reviews A-Z, although more slowly than those officially participating in the challenge.  If all goes well, we’ll be deep into the house buying process–perhaps moving into a new one.

See I got distracted again.  So, back to Magic….anyone have any advice for a newbie?


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We're Tab and Cam-just a goofy, geeky couple exploring each other's interests from comic books, board games, video games, TV and movies. Join us in misadventures of learning to accept one's obsession with Magic the Gathering and the other's admiration for Steampunk décor.

One thought on “Magic Mondays – The Beginning”

  1. I played Magic waaaay back when I was in fifth grade I think. The core set at the time was the 4th edition (they went up to 10 and then started going into years, like Magic 2010, Magic 2011 and so on, so that should tell you something).

    Some advice from what I can remember:
    – Try every color deck to see which ones you like best. They each have strengths and weaknesses. I’m not sure how it’s played now or if the rules have changed, but at the time you could combine colors too. You don’t want too many colors though, usually two is a good number to cover each color’s weaknesses
    – Mana is important! Your deck should have a good amount of mana, which is basically the currency that each card costs to play. No mana = a hand full of cards that are doing you no good.
    – Have a manageable size for your deck. The general amount is 60 cards, but sometimes that could be too much and all your best cards are stuck at the bottom. Again, doing you no good.

    Looking forward to the reports, it will be fun! And good luck on the house hunting too!

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