The Picture of Dorian Gray

After starting to read The Picture of Dorian Gray, I remembered reading it in high school.  It was so unmemorable to me at the time I made my 50 Classics list that I completely forgot, or perhaps more likely, I blocked it from memory.  Luckily it is a short piece, so I did not endure the arrogant distasteful characters for long.

The first third of the book is just plain boring.  I began to be amused by the time poor Sybil was out of the picture.  There are whole sections describing Dorian’s many fleeting obsessions that I merely skipped over out of boredom.

Despite my dislike for the characters, the plot makes it a timeless piece, and perhaps the greatest study of human vanity and shallowness. For that, I do believe it is still worth a read as I first read it– in high school, where vanity and shallowness might be at its peak.


I think I’ll have luck and more to say with the book I just started, The Handmaid’s Tale. Margaret  Atwood is one of my favorites.


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