Magic Monday on Tuesday

If anyone else is still dragging and lethargic because of Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, you’ll understand why I was a bit too out of sorts to post my thoughts on my first Magic the Gathering lesson with Cam. 

My first lesson went … well, not bad.  Cam grabbed a couple of free starter packs at a local hobby store, white and black.  He explained there are white, black, green, red, and blue cards.  These cards are divided between lands, creatures, artifacts, enchantments, and oh, I’m sure I’m missing something.  Some cards are more rare than others.  Each color has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, which can be combined with other colors for an optimal deck.

As Cam explained it, players are plainswalkers, battling against eachother.  He did a walk through of a short game, breaking down each action in the turns. First action is untap, which is basically resetting any lands tapped during the previous turn.  Then, upkeep, where it seems abilities or cards can be activiated.  Next is draw a card to add to your hand.   Then, you begin playing cards.  I realize I’m simplifying this greatly, as there seem to be substeps in each phase.  It also seems to me that the more lands you have down, the better.   The creatures, abilities, and instant cards are played and used in combat by tapping the lands cards.

You begin wtih 20 points at the beginning of the game.  The object is to knock your opponent(s) to zero.  At this point, combat and the scoring was a bit confusing for me, because, you know, I can’t math.  I’m sure I’ll catch on with a few more games under my belt.

I was particularly worried about rules constantly changing in the game.  I was warned that this happens by someone else who failed to learn the game years before.  I didn’t find that to happen at all, but the game was a simple one of white vs black cards.  I didn’t dare ask him to play the green deck that he continues to painstakingly build and change.

I am still interested in continuing these lessons, as long as he continues to play Zelda with me.  I probably won’t go as far as watching the Magic tournaments with him.  He still quickly turns those off when I get home.



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