Fiction Friday: Kid’s Edition

I sort of hit a block on the the ending for last week’s story.  I did find a little story I wrote a while back when I thought I would see just how difficult writing for children would be.  It was quite difficult for me to say the least, and something that I should probably avoid in the future.  Anyway, here is Fiction Friday’s Kid’s Edition.

The Visitor at the Window

Keegan woke up to the sound of scratching on his window. He got up to look outside his window. It was still dark and he was half asleep, but he could see bushes rocking back and forth from the wind. The wind was causing the bushes to hit the window.

Suddenly, a dog jumped up at the window, pawing at the glass. Keegan ran outside in his pajamas. The dog was gone. There were faint tracks, but it was too cold to follow them. He went back inside and crawled under his covers. He tossed and turned, listening to the wind before falling back asleep.

When his alarm went off, he could hear his mother calling him to breakfast.

Scratch, scratch!

He ran to the window. The snowfall stopped. The sun was shining. Looking down, he noticed something had been digging under the bushes. His eyes followed a trail of footprints out of the yard and to the street.

“Keegan! Come eat before you’re late for school!” His mom called.

He got dressed and dragged his backpack to the kitchen. His brother, Michael, was already finishing breakfast.

Keegan swallowed his food as fast as he could before the three of them piled into the car. As they pulled out of the drive, Keegan noticed a moving van across the street. He searched for the footprints. He saw them leading out of the yard and across the street.

“I think those new neighbors have a dog,” he exclaimed. Keegan always wanted a dog, but Michael was allergic.

“I noticed movers yesterday and a boy your age, but no dog,” his mom said.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the dog all day at school. That evening, Keegan sat at his desk trying to study, but he kept looking at the window.

Scratch, scratch. He pressed his face to the window. There it was again! Keegan grabbed his jacket and bolted outside. It was dark and cold. He followed footprints across the street. A small beagle was on the porch wagging its tail. Keegan knew he shouldn’t go into someone else’s yard. An older man opened the door to let his pet inside.

The next afternoon, he saw a boy playing in the neighbor’s yard. Keegan walked over to the street. “Hi, I’m Keegan.”

“I’m Matt. I saw you a couple of times,” Matt answered. “We just moved here.”

That afternoon, Keegan and Matt became fast friends, building a snow fort with the melting snow.

“What’s your dog’s name?” Keegan finally asked.

“Um, we don’t have a dog,” Matt answered.

At that moment, his mom called the boys inside for hot chocolate. Gladly, they rushed inside.

“It’s nice to meet you, Matt,” his mom said. “Keegan was worried about your dog the other day.”

“We don’t have a dog. Maybe it’s a stray,” Matt replied quickly.

Michael came to the kitchen for hot chocolate, too. As soon as he came, he started sneezing. Outside, it was getting dark, and Matt panicked. He quickly excused himself, saying that his parents might be worried about him.

“Strange kid,” Michael observed, scratching his itchy eyes.

That night, Keegan couldn’t sleep. He stared at his window. Suddenly, he heard scratching. The dog was pawing at the window again. Keegan put on a coat and went outside.

He was a friendly dog, but had no collar. He licked Keegan’s face as he petted him. He wondered where the dog came from since Matt insisted it wasn’t their dog.

The next morning, he woke up early, but didn’t find the dog. His mom handed him a pair of gloves when he went for breakfast.

“Matt forgot these. Can you take them over to him before school?” His mom asked.

“Sure,” he grabbed the gloves and raced out the door.

It was early morning. The sun was still rising. Instead of knocking on the front door, Keegan got curious about some footprints going to the neighbors’ backyard. He saw the dog walk into a shed. He knew he shouldn’t, but he peeked into the shed. As soon as Keegan got closer, something happened.

Before Keegan realized it, the dog changed into a boy. It was Matt!

“I’ve just always been this way. We always move when someone gets curious. I guess we’ll have to move again.”

Keegan shook his head. “No! You don’t have to. I’m still your friend, and I’ll keep your secret. You just have to be careful around my brother. He’s allergic to you.” They both laughed.


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