It Follows

It Follows poster from wikipedia
It Follows poster
from wikipedia

Yesterday, Cam and I went to the movie theater. There’s just something special about date night seeing a horror flick that puts you on the edge of your seat and pays homage to old school horror. It Follows was everything we expected and hoped it could be.

For starters, the soundtrack is amazing. It’s fresh, but still has the feeling of horror from the 70’s – 80’s. It’s reminiscent of John Carpenter. To be honest, the music alone creeps me out and puts me on edge.

If you’re not that familiar with the movie or haven’t seen the trailer, It Follows is about a young girl who has a seemingly innocent sexual encounter with a guy she started dating. After her encounter with him, It begins following her. It is visible only to those it is following, appearing in various human forms. Its movements are slow, but it doesn’t stop.  In your typical horror flick, having sex generally means you’re probably going to die.  This movie plays on that premise.  The force will start to follow you once you have sex with the person it is currently following.  You can pass it along by having sex with someone else.  The film doesn’t demonize sex, but it does desensitize you.

What we really enjoyed about the movie was that the tension never let up. You were never sure when it was going to appear again or what form it took. Its form was human, but its movements and actions were inhuman. It never spoke. It never deviated from its chase. It didn’t seem to have any motive.

We did read a few bad reviews, with criticisms ranging from “it’s just a girl and her friends running away the whole time” to “there is no explanation of why it is happening.” I always hate with a decent little horror flick goes on to explain every little detail of why something is happening and how it came about. This movie does not. If you need an explanation, don’t watch this movie. Providing any explanation or motive of the force following her would ruin the mystique of the film. The horror that the movie invokes is fear and confusion shared by the protagonist and the viewer.

The answer to whether we highly recommend this film is a thousand times yes.  The fact that the film offers no explanation allows multiple interpretations.  In fact, we are still debating it.


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4 thoughts on “It Follows”

  1. At first I was turned off by the premise. It just screamed of the “people get murdered for having sex” trope which I can’t stand. But it’s gotten so many great reviews. I’ll give it a try when I have a chance to see it.

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