Fiction Friday – October Edition

Fiction Friday returns….again!  I have been so lazy when it comes to creative endeavors lately.  I’m jumping back into it now that autumn has settled in and I spent less time out in the garden and more time inside.

I attempted a story for #goplay October Challenge run by Nerd in the Brain and Part-time Monster.

So, here goes…

Dinner Date

They were seated at a private booth in the back.  Cindy was nervously grinning every time she glanced at Thomas.  She had only known him for a few days.  They met one night while she was running at the park.  She bumped right into him and they both fell down onto the gravel path.  Since then, the two had been nearly inseparable.

“What do you feel like eating tonight?” he asked.

“I don’t know what I’m in the mood for,” she answered.

“This menu certainly has a lot of variety,” he noticed, trying to make conversation.

“Yeah, I was always an adventurous foodie.  I’ll try anything once,” Cindy said, fidgeting with the menu in her hand.  “I really like spicy foods, too.”

Noticed that she was trembling, Thomas gently grasped her hands in his.  “Relax.  It’s just dinner.  We’re just here having a good time together.  You don’t have to be so nervous around me.”

She smiled.  “I know, but you brought me to such a fancy place.  I’m just worried that we might be moving too fast.”

He laughed.  “I’m not proposing or anything.  I just really like the food here.”  He rubbed her hands, and noticed the bandage on her right wrist.  “I hope your wrist is ok.  We took quite a tumble together when you crashed into me.”

“It still bleeds sometimes,” she examined the bandage gently.  “I’m just so clumsy.”

“Well, I’m starving.  Are you ready to order?”  he asked.

“Sure, I think I know what I want,” she replied, looking around the restaurant for the waiter.

They both immediately stood up and left the booth, stepping over the bodies carefully.  Cindy slipped in a puddle of slick blood, but Thomas caught her.  “See, I told you I was clumsy.”  As they both laughed, her bandage came loose, revealing a nasty wound.

“I didn’t mean to bite you so hard,” he frowned.

“It all worked out anyway,” she said.  “Now where’s that waiter lying at?  His brain is still intact, and I want to try something new.”

So, meh, my best attempt at horror, which I seem to suck at.  At least the challenge will give me some practice, so hopefully, I’ll get better at it.  If not, it was still fun giving myself the creeps while reading other stories to get inspiration!


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