Which Gamer Are You?

Who are the friends that show up to your game night?  We’ve noticed among different gaming groups we play with that there are certain archetypes that show up at game night.  Here’s a few of them.

The one that has all the games – Also, usually known as the host.  You gather at his place to play because he doesn’t want to lug around hundreds of pounds of games.  He’s probably the most broke from spending all his money on table top games, so you’ll pitch in extra for pizza.  He can also tell you which games he’s currently backing on Kickstarter, so you’ll have an idea of what you’ll play in a few months

The social one – He spends most of your turn telling raunchy jokes.  He likes playing games, but he’s really just there for the atmosphere.  He doesn’t mind if he’s losing and is surprised when he wins.  Either way, he’s having a great time.

The one that is always on his phone – He can’t remember when his turn comes around because he’s too busy on social media.  When it is his turn, you got to get him up to speed on what’s happened since his last turn.  When his phone battery dies, he’s a bit more social, but everyone is already annoyed with him.

The one that doesn’t understand the rules of the game – He likes playing games, but needs to play several times through to really understand the rules.  He always has lots of questions, the same questions, on his turn.  When he breaks a rule or forgets to do something, you just let it go.  He’ll catch on soon.  He’s probably the newest to your game night, so you don’t want to scare him off.

The one that takes forever to take their turn – Sometimes there are just way too many decisions and too many variables.  No matter the play made, he’s kicking himself later for a move he should have made instead.

The one that is a stickler for the rules – He reads and prepares.  If it’s a new game, he’s teaching it to everyone.  When a rule is disputable, he can quickly find clarification in the rule book because he’s memorized all of it.  For further clarification, he’s the first to check the message boards online.  In his presence, everything must be done in the correct.  No house-ruling.

The one that prefers to be the traitor – This is your friend that always volunteers to play the bio-terrorist in Pandemic.  Even if he’s not the traitor in Dead of Winter, he still acts like he is.  He’s often the most competitive.  Quite frankly, he’s the asshole of your group of friends.  Even if he isn’t the traitor, he’ll sabotage the whole game because if he can’t win alone, no one can.  Thankfully, he doesn’t come very often.

The critic – He likes evaluating the mechanics of the game.  He looks at the pros and cons and puts the game on a rating scale.  He likes playing the same game over and over so he can gain different perspectives and see how each game plays out in different scenarios.   You know, for his blog or something

The one that doesn’t like any of the games you pick – He complains about the games.  Why did you even invite him anyway?

So, which one are you?  Am I missing any?


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We're Tab and Cam-just a goofy, geeky couple exploring each other's interests from comic books, board games, video games, TV and movies. Join us in misadventures of learning to accept one's obsession with Magic the Gathering and the other's admiration for Steampunk décor.

17 thoughts on “Which Gamer Are You?”

  1. The bad sport. The overly competitive gamer that when playing has to win! Will do everything they can to win, dven throw teamates under the gaming bus, to win. If by some chance they don’t they throw a bit of a hissy.
    We love them so we invite them. =)

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  2. I’d say I fall under more than one category here. Between my wife and I, I’m the one that has the patience to read the rules. Whereas she just wants to play and figure it out. So, I’d fall somewhat under the rule-follower. We also tend to host, as we have most of the games. Though, we’re gaining more and more friends with good libraries of games, too.

    I’d say there might also be the adventurous gamer. One who tries things just to see what will happen. Curiosity killed the cat, and possibly this guy’s character in the game. But he has fun taking chances and playing the moves that no one else has the guts to try.

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    1. I used to be super competitive. I’ve chilled out, and not such a sore loser anymore. I prefer cooperative games now so we’re all working together and not against each other. That probably helped chill me out.


  3. I think I’m more the Observer. I like to sit back and watch all of these characters do their thing. My husband is the rules stickler…and he’s a tad foolhardy. For example, something he said that will never be forgotten by those in that particular game is, “I open the door.” LOL!!

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    1. Yeah, I think I am the observer at one particular game night. They start early in the afternoon and I get there much later. It’s great company. Plus, when they are playing a game that involves deceiving each other, I laugh because I know who is lying and who isn’t. Now I know which are bad liars and which are better liars. LOL

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  4. I am usually the host. And also the cook, and the freaking bartender :P. I usually have people ship in for food and I buy the main stuff to make for them, but it’s been a while since I’ve done this. But I have had every single one of these in my parties. All of them. It is a blast.

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    1. I like to host, but we rarely do. some of our friends like to cook and are pretty good, but they usually order pizza in the middle of the evening.
      Sounds like a full plate-hosting, cooking, serving drinks. We’re more of a “you know wher everything in th kitchen is” type of hosts. Lol

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      1. Hehehe. That I can understand. Who wants to spend the whole time in the kitchen and not playing, right? Well, sadly I don’t have the trust in me to, allow peeps I know to rummage around the kitchen, and well, make mayhem. But I think it’s more that, I like to do that sort of stuff. Hosts tend to try to make the people feel as comfortable as possible. Something less for them to do, is better for them. I just wanted them to have fun. And I like that they tell me they are feeling chill and cool while they play.

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  5. Spoilsports : Who after all the careful planning and fixation, ditched the plan last moment for some ridiculous attending. (This hearts a lot when you are playing on-line co-op or other competitive game)

    Btw I am falling in the host category along with that guy who wants everything by rules.

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