The Hardest Job Ever

What is my writing space?

Well, the one in my head is a chaotic mess filled with thoughts like the above.  At least I’m in good company.  If Lev Grossman has thoughts like that and produce The Magician series, then maybe there’s a bit of hope for me.  Which reminds me–I need to read that series.  There it is again–that unfocused, easily distracted mind that tells me it’s just easier to read than to write.  Truth be told, I also regret not making enough time to read too.  Lately, I have started reading a book, then another, then another.  Now Goodreads tells me I’m currently reading 5 or 6 books, when I’ve actually only finished about 12 this year.

The physical space I write in is just as chaotic.  I don’t like to write at my desk at home.  First, it’s cluttered with bills, scribbles, unfinished to-do lists, and maybe a cat (who knows she shouldn’t be in that room, let alone on the desk).  I sit at a desk all day long, looking at numbers, so when I write, I prefer a more relaxed position.  Slouched on my couch isn’t the most healthy position for my back, but at least I’m comfortable.  I turn away from the t.v. and towards the kitchen.  One would think it’s harder to ignore the t.v. than it is to ignore my kitchen.  It’s not–especially when I haven’t done the dishes in over a week.

Finding the time to write and the space to write is hard.  It’s hard for everyone.  We all have our obstacles, from writer’s block to that inconvenient day job to playful children.  I don’t even want to mention the timesuck that is social media.

Why do we do this?  Some say writing is therapeutic.  In a way, yes, I can say that working my inner thoughts to the surface is somewhat therapeutic.  Honestly, sometimes, I feel like writing makes me need therapy.  When I sit on my couch, realizing I am about 3000 words behind on my NaNoWri project, I stare at my messy kitchen.  Then, that writing space in my head gets muddled with that ever-growing to-do list that I never catch up on.

Writing is making hard choices.  Of course, we make choices in our writing. That’s the easy part.  The hard part for me is dumping the clutter from my head, my home, my life to find an open guilt-free space to write.


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