Top Ten Tuesday – Thanksgiving


top ten tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and Bookish

So, we have decided that Top Ten Tuesday is probably our favorite weekly link-up out there at the moment.  We love lists.  We love books.  Who doesn’t love lists, especially about books?

Anyway, we picked the perfect week to start participating.  It’s a Thanksgiving freebie week.  So, in participating, Cam and I will share the list, hopefully an even split for most of the time.  For the first list, we had some overlap when making our lists, but managed to split it evenly.

Tab’s list:

1.) Stephen King – Only if he brings Molly, the Thing of Evil, to play with our pups, too.

2.) Neil Gaiman – I would love to hear him talk about his involvement with publicizing the plight of refugees.  He touched on it briefly when I went to see him speak at my local university.  With this crowd, I don’t think we’ll need Adele to save us from awkward, polarizing conversation.

3.) Margaret Atwood – She’s fascinating.  If only I had her talent and her keen perspective on religion, feminism, and society.

4.) Joyce Carol Oates – I love her books.  I also thought it would be like having that crazy aunt at dinner if her twitter account is any indication of Thanksgiving conversation.

5.) John Green – I need lot of quick anecdotes about Thanksgiving in fast-speaking snippets.

Cam’s list:

6.) Jared Diamond – To talk about birds.  He was originally an ornithologist after all. I’d ask him to tell me something about birds I never would’ve thought true.

7.) R. Scott Baker – Book 3 of Aspect-Emperor is due out next summer. I guess I ask for a recap of events.

8.)Chuck Palahniuk – I’d want to know more about what inspires his writing and his interesting writing style.

9.)Mark Z Danielewski – I’d want to talk to him about House of Leaves until he wished he hadn’t come.

10.) George RR Martin – I wouldn’t let him join us at the table (or leave – it was all a trap!) until he finished Winds of Winter.


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