Weekend Coffee Share – 12/5/2015

imageIf we were having coffee, I’d first thank you for meeting me downtown.  It’s more convenient for me this morning.  I’m off to the library for a little workshop on self-publishing hosted by some local authors.  Hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two.  I just don’t spend enough time at our library.  I have every intention of going to more of their events, and it slips my mind.

Cam couldn’t join us today, he’s at home with his nose in the books.  A couple more weeks and he’ll be free of those pesky classes for a month or so.  I’m glad I don’t have those anymore.

We’re probably going to finish up our Christmas shopping this afternoon.  I thought I had it all finished on my lunch break on Thursday.  As soon as I got in the car, so proud of myself, I realized we needed a couple more things.  You know, like paper and bags to wrap all this stuff in.  I really like Christmas shopping.  I really like buying things for other people.  Everyone says that’s not what the season is really about, and yes, of course, they are right.  It’s about spending time with family, making memories, carrying on traditions.  But I really love seeing someone’s eyes light up when they open something I got for them.

There’s not really a whole lot more to share.  I’ve kept myself busy with more reading and writing lately.  I’ve simply refuse to go outside since the temperature dropped.  Since I didn’t read hardly at all in the summer, I’m playing catch-up now.

I usually stay very active outside during the warmer months and hibernate during the winter months, like in that Onion article.  Now it’s back to the dreadful treadmill at the gym.  I’ll probably stop by and rejoin.  It’s been a while since I ran from the zombies as Runner 5.  If you’re looking for an exciting way to get into running, the phone app, Zombies, Run! is brilliant.  Cam and I have a running joke in which I talk about how buff I want to get for the wedding, but every time I say the word, my voice drops an octave and I sound like a gym rat that has no neck.  Really, I just want the wedding dress to zip all the way up.  Currently, I’m struggling with that after all the holiday eating. I guess that’s what I get for buying a dress right before the holidays.  Oh well.  It’ll work out somehow.  Since I mentioned going to the library more often before, maybe I should do their free yoga classes, too.  I’ve been meaning to do that all season.

Thanks for meeting up with me.  Stop by my place later tonight for some new board games.  We borrowed them from Cam’s friend last week and haven’t even played them yet.

Have a great week and stay warm!



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We're Tab and Cam-just a goofy, geeky couple exploring each other's interests from comic books, board games, video games, TV and movies. Join us in misadventures of learning to accept one's obsession with Magic the Gathering and the other's admiration for Steampunk décor.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 12/5/2015”

  1. Always love going out for a coffee. Our local library has some great events also. Hope you learnt a lot with the self-publishing. Could be of interest to a lot of us. At least you only have a few things to get. I haven’t started yet but will need to get a wriggle on. I found at an earlier coffee that Christmas is only about two weeks away. Frightening.

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  2. My fitness has taken a nose dive in recent months, I used to cycle to work everyday and then be fairly active at work. But now I don’t cycle so much and my job is at a desk. I was using the Xbox fitness app but haven’t used it for a couple of weeks. Feeling more motivated now I think it is the thought of having to use a treadmill, off to exercise now.


  3. I keep intending to go to more things at our library here, too, and I keep forgetting. One thing that’s awesome about our library is how much stuff it offers online, and because of that I often forget to go in! lol

    And I really enjoy buying gifts for people, too. I have to watch myself or I’ll end up way outside what we should be spending on presents because if I see the “right” thing, I’m prone to just say “oh, that extra 5 or 10 won’t matter.” It does when you’ve got lots of people to buy for, though! lol But it’s so much fun to see a person’s face when you found just the right thing, especially when it’s not something they’d have really thought to buy fort themselves.


  4. I haven’t even started shopping and it’s stressing me out! I never know what to get anyone and once I come to a decision, I second guess myself and get something else! Lucky you to be done!

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    1. I usually get a part time job in shop and use the mployee discount to buy gifts. Also helps to narrow down my options so I don’t stress out going all over town or spending hours online. This year, everyone’s getting books.

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  5. Thanks for the coffee. Our local library network has really got its act together in the last year and we’ve been to some fantastic author talks and they’re free. Last week, I attended a free 3 hour workshop with picture book illustrator Sarah Davis and loved it. It was the second time I’ve met up with her and it was fantastic.
    As far as heat is concerned, I’m currently in full avoidance mode and even caught my son standing in the fridge trying to cool down recently. Being in Australia, it’s Summertime here and we’re melting.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena

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