I’m Tab.  Occasionally Cam makes an appearance on this blog.  We are a geeky couple, which is to say that we both have eccentric interests that some might label a little nerdy. But we aren’t geeks in necessarily the same way, which is where the blog comes in.  We are having a blast exploring each other’s geeky interests.

Cam adores games, of near about any type or genre. We have an ever-growing collection of board, card, and video games.  He’s a sucker for zombie flicks, but really any of the campy horror that came out of America and Italy in the ’80s he’ll watch and enjoy.

While he’s camped out on the couch watching one of these movies, I’m right beside him with a book in my hand.  I’ll read just about anything, and regret not having more time to read and write.

I’ve had the opportunity to have some amazing adventures in my life, and now I am embarking on strange territory–our fast approaching wedding. We want to be able to document all of the exciting things coming up in our lives, like a new home, a future wedding, and whatever else is in store for us.  In between all the big events we write about, we also review tabletop games, books, t.v. shows, movies, and all things geeky we encounter.

Need to ask us anything?  Just use the form below.


21 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, tab and Cam! Found you because you liked one of my posts, and I notice that at least one blogger I am somewhat familar with has discovered you already. I’ve been doing the wordpress thing for about a year and I know a bunch of geeks on the internet. There’s Comparative Geeks (also run by a geeky couple), Therefore I Geek, Outright Geekery, Sleeping Geeks, We Geek Girls, and the Travelling Geek Show, just to name a few who actually use the word Geek in their titles.

    And then there Nerd in the Brain, and lots of other nerdy bloggers bopping around here, too. (I am either a geeky nerd or a nerdy geek. Not sure which, really).

    Happy Blogging!

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  2. Wow… you have chosen your Avatar pic very wisely. Plush toys of Portal and Cthulhu with background of staked books (and LOTR visible) ……. You have me following you without any further examination.


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