Black Mirror – A Review

Photo from BBC – Black Mirror: “The Waldo Moment”

The only word that comes to mind is disturbing.  If you haven’t finished all six episodes on Netflix, I suggest you get started.  Be prepared to feel uneasy about the modern technology-driven world we live in.  After your binge of the 2 short seasons, you’ll think, living off the grid doesn’t seem so hippy now, does it?

Each self-contained episode is a cautionary tale of increased human dependency on technology.  The dark side of human nature and technology is explored through the eyes of a main character who is unable to control their own circumstances.  The first episode, “National Anthem,” was shocking, to say the least.  It explores the power that people lose once they become desperate.  You’ll find yourself wondering, what would I do?

A few of the episodes take jabs at modern entertainment and 24-hour news access.  The second episode comes to mind, “Fifteen Million Merits.”  It’s one of my favorites.  The episode parodies the popular talent search shows like American Idol.

Be Right Back is downright creepy, showcasing a woman whose husband died.  Technology allows her to stay connected with her husband.  She doesn’t really mourn, doesn’t move on.

There is a similar theme in The Entire History of You.  While it isn’t my favorite episode, it does highlight how we can become obsessed with our past, forgetting about living now.  The main character obsessed over every detail of his memories, using an implant that allows him to watch scenes over and over again.  Another character in that episode revealed she didn’t have such an implant.  The entire dinner party was appalled.  Rumor has it that this episode is going to be used as the basis for a film by Robert Downey Jr.

I’m definitely ready for more episodes.  Season 3 began last December on BBC.  I’ll just have to be patient until it comes on Netflix.  At that rate, I might be living on my homestead, in the middle of nowhere, with my solar panels, no cell phone, and horse-drawn carriage in order to avoid the tech-dependent zombies of the future.