Just your typical, run of the mill New Year’s resolution post

The New Year is synonymous with starting over, creating goals, and deciding to make a change.  Reflecting on the previous year, you usually realize you didn’t accomplish any of the resolutions you made January of the year before.  This year will be different, you tell yourself.   You have the idea that the new year will be better than the old one.  This is the year!!

I don’t like resolutions.  I never understood why you had to wait until January to make a change or try something new.  What’s the point?  Why not start in November when you got that crazy idea to begin with?

Except this year, Cam and I have a whole audience of about 5 people who read our little blog, so we thought it might be the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we accomplished last year and what we hope to accomplish next year.

Last year, we went through the painstaking trouble of combining all our stuff under one roof.  We moved in together, in other words.  We also both started new jobs that make us happier.  The night before last, he gave me a beautiful ring. All things considered, it was a great year together and going to be hard to top!

Since I went through the trouble of creating this little blog to start writing regularly and have a creative outlet, we thought that we might as well come up with resolutions or goals for 2015.  It would at least give me something to write about.  So here goes…

2015 – the year of write more, read more, move more.  I hope that writing on a regular basis will at least marginally improve my writing skills.  You can be the judge of that.  Cam and I decided that we needed to read more.  Last year didn’t provide a lot of opportunities to read with our busy schedules.  He has a goal of at least reading the books he received, started, or borrowed last year.  That’s about 6 in all I think.  Most are pretty heavy, so it’s fair.  I’m a little more ambitious.  I’ve signed up for a couple of reading challenges, including the Around the World Reading Challenge.  I’ll be reading 4 books set in different countries to reach my goal as a Wayfarer Participant.  I’ve also signed up for the 50 Classics Challenge.  Luckily I have 5 years to complete the 50 classics, which are mostly classic and mostly sci-fi/fantasy.  Each book I read, I will write a review of it on this blog.

We also might as well jump on the fitness bandwagon, too.  In order to move more, I have my handy new fitbit to help keep me on track.  I’ve only just played around with it a bit.  It’s pretty accurate on monitoring my sleep at least.  My goal is to run a couple of 5k races in 2015, so nothing too demanding.  Cam will have the Zombies, Run! app on his phone to get him moving more.  I have both the Couch to 5K and the regular Zombies, Run! Both very motivating and entertaining.

Maybe I should add “create more” to our resolutions.  Cam’s goal is to build a new computer by the end of the year, if the finances allow.  I hope to be able to pursue more creative endeavors as well.  I’ll just leave it vague, because I’m not sure yet where my interests will take me at this point.  Dusting off my sewing machine and searching for my knitting needles might be involved.

Sounds like it is going to be a packed year.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg, just the little things to keep us from going insane.  Next year will bring even more changes.  We both hope to excel at our new careers in 2015.  Our biggest goal is a bigger house.  We are currently saving up money for a bigger place where we can have a garden, a dog, and game night with the friends.  There’s no telling what else the year might bring.

What new and exciting things are you looking forward to in 2015?


A Very Geeky Christmas

I trust that everyone had a very Merry Christmas, but did you have a very geeky Christmas? It certainly was for us. We felt like children and couldn’t wait to open the gifts we got each other! Books and games were exchanged between us. I got Cam the final book of The Magicians trilogy—The Magican’s Land. Once he finishes it, I’m sure he’ll be encouraging me to start the book series. He got me a huge tome by Martin Meredith—The Fate of Africa. I’m sure it will take me all year to read it. He also got me a beautiful jigsaw puzzle of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda. We spent most of the night of Christmas Eve attempting to put it together.

Christmas Day was packed full of visiting our families and playing games. At Cam’s family, board games are always a big hit. At my family’s home, we’re usually entertaining my 2 ½ year old nephew. We’re Aunt Happy and Ran-Ran. He has a little trouble with “T” and “C.” The gifts to and from the families were also bit hits. Twilight Struggle and Call of Duty for Cam, and a fitbit for me. All the geeky gifts make a geeky Christmas, right?

Our Christmas was more than just a geeky Christmas. It was the start of making new traditions, with each other and our families. While board games continue to be a tradition for his family, he learned to appreciate an evening of putting together a gorgeous (and difficult) jigsaw puzzle. I grew up always working on one with my mother and now it’s something that Cam and I can do together. We just have to be a little more careful about it with three curious cats.

Additionally, this Christmas was about the things we knew we would do for each other. I worked a part time job in retail during the holiday shopping season in addition to my day job. It did become a little stressful for me, but Cam relieved a lot of that stress by helping out more around the house. He also cooked the best Christmas Eve dinner that I could ask for and wrapped most of my presents for me. Maybe that could be a new tradition every year! I kid. He did everything he could to make sure the holiday season wasn’t stressful for me.

Christmas shouldn’t be stressful. I realize it is for a lot of people. I witnessed it while working retail during the shopping season. There are so many expectations to make the holidays perfect, I think. At first, I thought we would start a lot of new traditions, like making delicious desserts together, or even a gingerbread house. Perhaps in the process of working so much, I didn’t have time to stress out about making our first Christmas living together too perfect. The end result was that our Christmas was better than I could have thought and we didn’t have to spend a ton of money to make it special.

We did dream about next Christmas when we have a bigger place. A Cthulhu Christmas tree? A steampunk Christmas tree? And my nephew will definitely be old enough to learn to play board games.

How was your Christmas? Not too stressful, I hope. Do you have any traditions you’d like to share? Did you start any news ones too?