Life and Laziness

So, I’ll admit it.  It’s been a hot minute since my last post.  I’m sure all five of you reading this have been patiently waiting.  The wait is over.

The past week hasn’t exactly been busy.  It’s just been filled with the same mundane routines.  It was nothing anyone really would want to read about.  That is, unless you really want to read about how my nose is stuck in numbers all day at work or the glorious weekend I spent sleeping until noon for three days straight.  Perhaps you’d prefer the faster pace of Cam resetting passwords all day at work.  We do lead a thrilling life.

So, life and laziness got in the way of writing.  It got in the way of maintaining a lot of the goals we set for ourselves.  It was a small sidestep.  We are back on track now.  I know you were worried.

We have both been working really hard at our day jobs.  By the time we both get a moment to relax, we are drained.  Forty hours a week staring at numbers all day can exhaust a person.  It sometimes leaves me with the inability to even muster a creative thought at the end of the day.  Don’t worry.  It’s a good job.  I like it.  I like that it mostly pays all the bills when I need it to.  Cam has been clocking out at more than 40 hours weekly some weeks.  On top of that, with our alternating work schedules, it is hard to have time to ourselves.

On the other hand, we had an extra day off this past week, just to relax (read: sleep until noon).  It was a lazy, lethargic weekend.  Netflix, Redbox, and board games were our friends last weekend.  It was nice not to measure my activity at the gym, or worry how many words I could squeeze out of my brain.  The only problem was it took us the rest of the week just to get back to our old routine.

I felt guilty about it at first.  The house was a disaster.  We could have been so productive all weekend.  I kept thinking I was wasting time.  As the week wore on, I remembered that time spent being happy was not time wasted.  We actually got to do things we hadn’t in a while, like cook breakfast together Monday morning.  We probably hadn’t done that since we both started our jobs last year and ended up on wonky schedules.  Maybe you all have a thing.  Sleeping in and cooking breakfast together is our thing.  It happens so rarely now.

Good news is that we are back on track.  Cam joined me at the gym most evenings, and had quite a workout moving around computers and equipment one day at work, from what I understand.  As the week winds down, we both have the creative juices flowing again.  Cam is great to bounce ideas off of.  He likes fixing things.  That includes computers and my poorly defined story ideas.

We’ve never lost sight of the big goals for the year–the house, the vows, etc.  We just got bogged down in them.  As a result, we tweaked them a bit.  We’re still on course, and hopefully, won’t be deviating from our timeline.  We just realized that when we proposed these various goals, we were thinking about how great our future was going to be and forgot that our here and now is so much fun.